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Charcoal and oil on basswood24”x36”Between Two Suns series Satin varnishCradled basswood panel comes ready to hang If you close your eyes and listen carefully to a horse’s hoof beats, you can tell the difference between a canter and a gallop, a horse’s fastest gait, by the presence of the fourth beat. It is in that distinguishment through which we feel the very balance of a horse shift from a mere pace to the very cusp of all it can be.We need balance in our stride so that we don't fall off the edge – to breathe easy between the chaos of living and have a steady gait upon which we can pace and rely. But, just as important to living, is going to that edge – to pulsate, climb, gasp, beat, push the breath inside you till your heart is pounding out your blood and you can feel the edges of your lungs. For if you never run, really run, how can you ever know the feeling of all the things that make you live?SLW

The Fourth Beat

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