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Your dreams remember you...

Stephanie F. Lenchard-Warren (SFLW) works with combinations of painting/illustration, writing, and song to compose narratives. She is interested in the bridge between the conscious and subconscious, tying together dreams and reality through symbolisms to manifest meaning through storytelling.  

Expressively articulated in a space where dreams, nightmares, and reality meet, her work exists in the fantastical world of the inner child, while viewed from the lens of the wise adult, blending with darker themes such as life and death, scars and healing, trauma and self-autonomy. Praising the dichotomous nature of cycles in night and day, life and death, innocence and wisdom, her work is expressive and free flowing, yet organized and idealized. It offers a meeting place for the uninhibited self and the analytical self.​

Calling on words, sight, and sound, the narrative work of SFLW simultaneously preserves and illuminates the shadows of our inner most depths, exploring the incredible ways we experience what it means to exist. 

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