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Everything that exists is a balance of elements. We are earth, water, and air. We are the fires of our souls.

So exists the great balance.

Earth cradles life; Water flows into the paths it is given; Air gives and allows take; Fire burns when fueled, and its burnings fuel cycles of rebirth.

Within the fire of a human soul lies a special dictation on this balance—we are capable of both love and hatred, of good and bad. Love, conceived in care and consideration, fosters understanding, which seeks to achieve balance. Hatred, conceived in egocentricity and ignorance, fosters disregard, which offsets balance. Ironically, in pursuit of equilibrium is the ongoing battle of good vs. evil.

So exists the great balance.

The life within us affects the life around us. The difference between you and each respective element is that you carry all of them. You guide their pathways and intentions. You choose to care or disregard; you choose what to give and what to take; you choose which direction to follow; you choose to fuel love or you choose to fuel hate. That is the power and the burden of having a human soul. You will meet it in others just as you will meet it in yourself.


Blood of Our Ancestors
Mixed media (graphite, wax, charcoal, soot, earth pigments, linseed oil) on basswood


Satin varnish

Cradled basswood panel is ready to hang


Artist is not liable for any damages that may occur during shipping.

Blood of the Earth

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