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Life is a process of reclamations. Things are made, destroyed, and remade—and then it happens all over again. Forests grow and thrive, burn and die, and then the next forests are made from the substance of their ashes. Life goes on, every dying fueling the next living.It took countless livings and dyings to make you what you are today: countless hardships and triumphs, countless gatherings and losings, countless fallings and risings from the debris of your ashes. The fire that lights your soul feeds off of everything you have faced—and it burns because you rose to face it.I destroyed and remade this piece 8 times before it became what you see here.





Mixed media (charcoal, air, wax, soot, water, earth pigments, linseed oil, and fire) on basswood



Satin varnish

Cradled basswood panel is ready to hang


Artist is not liable for any damages that may occur during shipping.


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